3 Ways To Customize Your Car

Did you recently buy a new car and decide that it needs a little something to stand out in a crowd? You can go all in on the world of car customization and have a totally new car. However, that can be expensive. If you want to add a little oomph to your car without spending the big bucks, here are some suggestions.

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1. Window Tinting

Stock car windows are completely transparent and offer no privacy or sun protection for the driver and passengers. Window tinting can be a cheap and quick way to personalize your car. Darker windows will keep out harmful UV rays, protecting your interior upholstery as well as your skin from sunburn. It also gives you an air of mystery. Who’s behind the glass? They’ll never know. Just follow local DMV regulations to make sure you aren’t pulled over for too dark windows.

2. Exterior Decoration

Car customization can be an expensive hobby. If you’re not sure that you want to embark on this journey, but want your car to have a little personality, apply car decals Brampton ON. These decals are stickers of various sizes that can be applied to the window or body of your car. Maybe you have a business you want to promote. Car decals are an excellent way to make your car a moving advertisement. You can also go old school and put flame decals on the body of your car. It’s a blank canvas waiting for some decoration.

3. New Shift Knob

If you drive a manual transmission, a quick way to give your car a little something new is to put on a new shift knob. You can purchase these online, but you might want to visit a car parts store to try them out and make sure you get something that feels good to use.

Congratulations on your new car. Adding fun details and making it your own is an enjoyable way to pass your time. If you decide you want to do more than these suggestions, the options are endless. This is a good place to start.