Dejunking Your Property

Nothing ruins and otherwise attractive yard more than the presence of junk cluttering up the area. With a little elbow grease however, you can create a lovely and eye-catching yard in just a few steps. Check out the following tips to see how to go about it.

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Heavy Metal

Broken down cars and trucks, tires and rims and old pieces of sheet metal or corrugated steel can really detract from a clean and tidy look. Oil drums and bicycles, old appliances like ovens or refrigerators that may be sitting around are an eyesore. You may want to call the yard that deals in scrap cars Morris County NJ call to haul away the recyclable metal items. Instead of a mess you could have some cash in your pocket! You may need a bin rental in order to clean up the other metal items.

Natural, but Not Nice

Gnarly old cedar or juniper bushes and dead or dying trees or limbs make a place feel uncared for. Even some types of old-school pine shrubs may be overgrown and covering, at least partially some of the lower windows. Often, wrapping a chain around the base and pulling them out by the roots with a truck is a good option. Older planters or window boxes that have seen better days should be hauled away as well.

It’s Just Junk

Old sofas and other types of furniture that have been sitting out in the weather for some time will likely have sun rot, mold or mildew deep into the cushions making them unusable, as well as an eyesore. Do not donate such items but instead, just haul a load or two out to the dump and dispose of them.

With all of the junk and clutter removed, you can focus on sweeping up the remaining debris, beautifying the lawn and yard. Plant some fresh flowers for a pop of color to give your messy yard the facelift it (and your neighbors) deserve.