Funny Noises Coming From Your Truck?


The key to truck repair Lynnwood is to listen to what your truck is telling you. If you’ve just noticed strange and unusual noises coming from under the hood or around other places on the truck, it might be time to check it out. Here’s how to diagnose those strange noises and get ahead of small problems before they get bigger.

Whining or Screeching

Similar to an angry toddler, your truck will often whine or scream if something is wrong. The sound could be a number of things, but if you pop the hood and it gets louder and the whining seems to be oscillating, it is most likely a loose or old serpentine belt.

The serpentine belts are right in the front of the engine, driving a number of things including the fan, water pump, and alternator. If this is the cause of the problem, you’ll need to get … Read more

Find the Best Car Repairs for Your Needs With These Basic Tips

How to Save Money on Car Maintenance | Mobile Mechanic Pros

Paying attention to the pitfalls of driving can be a full-time job for those who spend considerable amounts of time behind the wheel. When an unforeseen mechanical issue or body damage occurs, time can be of the essence. For that reason, it is helpful to know exactly who to trust and how much a possible fix will cost before it is too late. The following steps can be of great assistance as you begin the search for the best local professionals to tackle any automotive job.

Research the Damage

Different auto-related issues will require unique approaches, typically from shops that employ experts specifically trained to handle the intricacies involved. For example, anyone searching for auto repairs Corpus Christi TX will want to find a team of professionals with a track record of performing top-notch service on similar cars and problems.

Research the Options

Searching for the right team to complete … Read more

Three Important Customizations for Your New Truck

15 Must-Have Customizations For Your Pickup Truck | HotCars

You’ve pulled the trigger and finally bought that new truck you’ve been thinking about. You’ve made several important decisions, including whether to buy or lease and purchase new or used. Whether you’re buying for leisure or work, now it’s time to turn your attention to customizing your vehicle to make it truly your own. Here are some things to consider.

Window Wishing

While many trucks may come with filters on the rear windows, consider also getting tint on your front windows also. Darkened windows not only help add more privacy to your truck’s interior, they also help with temperature control. On a hot summer day, you’ll be glad for tinted windows to reduce the heat intensity when you’re returning to your truck. Reach out to a company that specializes in window tinting Maryland to see what deals are available.

Bed Customizations

The bed of your pickup truck is another consideration. … Read more

3 Things To Do When Your Car Is in Need of Repairs

Is Car Repair Insurance Worth It? – Forbes Advisor

As a car owner, there will be times that your car needs repairs. Whether the issue is related to a car accident or just routine maintenance, there are a few things that you can do to make the process easier. Consider these three smart things to do if your car needs repair. This way, you can get back on the road safely in no time.

1. Find Out About the Manufacturer Warranty

If there is a problem with your powertrain, refer to your manufacturer warranty to see if you have coverage. If your vehicle is fairly new, there is a good chance you might still have a factory warranty. Before you fork over the cash for a new transmission or engine, it cannot hurt to research if your car’s extended warranty covers this.

2. Speak With Your Insurance Agent

Car repairs can be costly, and sometimes insurance will help you Read more

4 Tips for Preventing a Car Break-In

If someone were to break into your car, it may lead to loss of property and even safety concerns when you next drive your vehicle. Though a break-in cannot be prevented entirely, there are some precautions you can take that will discourage a theft from occurring.

1. Install an Alarm 

If your car does not already have an alarm, you may wish to look into car alarm installation Elmont NY. The sound made by these alarms may stop a theft in progress as it draws the attention of anyone nearby. Additionally, posting a sticker that shows you have an alarm may serve as an added deterrent.

2. Lock Your Doors

Though it may seem obvious, it’s important to lock your car doors. Many people skip this step when they’re parked in their driveway or in a location they know well. Even so, cars have been known to be stolen … Read more