Upgrading Your Diesel Engine

Have you ever pulled up to a stoplight and sat for a moment listening with appreciation to the diesel engine humming in the truck next to you? If that’s a yes, you’re probably the type who will at least dream of making your own vehicle sound that great. Here are just a few categories of upgrades you can do yourself to get that premium sound.

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Air Flow Mods

Two of the top ways to make your engine perform better include installing turbochargers and diesel engine air intake kits. Both of these items increase air flow to the engine. Air intake kits have the added bonus of better air filtration, while turbochargers effectively ram more air into the combustion chamber.

Fuel Mods

Some ways to get better fuel performance are replacing the diesel fuel injectors, modifying or reprogramming the engine’s computer chip for better fuel efficiency, and if you enjoy racing, installing a nitrous oxide boost for the ultimate thrill. Of the three, reprogramming the chip is probably the easiest and safest, and should be done before the other two are attempted.

Exhaust Mods

If you’ve seen diesel trucks on the highway with large exhaust pipes, you know they have been modified. That’s because the factory always installs smaller pipes in order to keep costs down. Unfortunately it also dampens the power and sound, and therefore won’t give you that wonderful throaty purr you’re after. Consider installing larger, straighter exhaust pipes, and you’ll notice a large improvement in both your engine’s sound and its performance.

Whether you’re just starting your foray into modifying your diesel engine or have been doing it for years, there are an enormous number of aftermarket parts and equipment available to make your engine run and sound amazing. If you choose wisely, you can obtain the performance you’re looking for with relatively little money, so get started today and enjoy the ride!