Causes Car Overheating

Often we hear news about cars that catch fire while walking. However, do you know if one of the causes of a fire in a car is caused by the condition of a car engine that is too hot or overheat. One of the causes of overheating itself is that it uses oil that is not quality even illegal. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to use the best quality car engine oil. This is certainly a very disturbing thing for motorists, especially if you do not really understand about cars. In addition to oil that is not quality, there are still a few reasons why the engine is easily overheated. Here are some of them.

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Radiator damage occurred

Radiators are vital components when talking about car engine temperatures. If the radiator has a problem, the cooling system will automatically experience chaos as well so that it can cause the engine to heat up faster. Usually, dirty radiator channels due to clogged dirt can be the cause of this one problem so that the coolant is not properly distributed data.

Thermostat malfunctioning

Thermostat is a temperature measuring device that is inside a car engine. This tool is related to the radiator working system. This tool, which functions as a regulator of radiator water, regulates water to remain inside the radiator. Meanwhile, when it is hot, this tool will regulate water to enter the engine to cool it.

The cooling fan died

The fan located on the radiator serves to suck cold air from outside to cool the engine on the other side. If the fan experiences a fault or a fault during installation, a temperature rise will inevitably result in overheating. Therefore, always make sure the condition of your car’s engine fan is always in good condition.

The incompatible BBM is used

In addition to the things above, car engines that experience overheating can also be caused by inappropriate fuel selection. If the octane content of the fuel used is not in accordance with the needs of the car, then this will cause knocking so that the engine has overheating if left alone.

That is some common causes that cause a car engine to overheat or overheat. May be useful!