Car Buying Tips for Young People

Usually, today’s young people only pay attention to design and price when buying their first car. But besides that, there are many other important factors that must be considered, such as safety, features that suit your needs, service costs, and insurance.

So, for more details, let’s just take a look at tips for young people when buying a car.

1 Prioritize safety features

Safety is an important factor that must be considered first. Therefore, the safety features of the car must be considered in detail and cannot be overlooked.

2 Choose a fuel-efficient car

It may be very important for you to choose a vehicle that is fuel efficient because of course you still have many other needs.
There are several criteria that need to be considered when looking for a fuel efficient vehicle.
First, of course, you need to choose this vehicle with a smaller engine capacity, between 1000 and 1500 cc is the right choice. That way you can use fuel very sparingly, in fact many city cars only consume 1 liter for 20 kilometers!
In addition, you may choose a car with a manual transmission, because usually the use of fuel is much more efficient.

3 Adjust to daily needs

Choose a vehicle according to your daily needs. If you live in a neighborhood with narrow roads and difficult parking, of course it’s better to choose a small car like a city car than an SUV right?
If you are a college student or a worker who needs to carry a lot of stuff every day, it’s better to choose a car with a large trunk space.
Don’t be tempted by an aesthetic design that ends up not meeting your needs. It will be a long time to regret!

4 Adjust to finances

Even if you plan to buy a car in cash or in installments, you have to pay attention to your personal finances.
If you plan to take a car loan, first calculate the installment costs using a credit simulation. And if you buy cash, make sure your savings and emergency funds are built up, too.
Do not let you buy a car with installments that are beyond your means. Moreover, to drain your emergency fund.

5 Take All Risk Insurance

According to my experience, the rate of car damage due to brushing or collision among young drivers is very high. Therefore, insurance is a ‘basic’ need if you buy a car.
The most suitable insurance for young people is all risk insurance. This insurance will pay claims for all types of damage, ranging from minor damage, major damage, to loss.
This way you don’t have to worry if your car is accidentally damaged by being hit by another vehicle. Just claim it!

6 Try to test drive several options before buying

Don’t buy a cat in a sack, especially if it’s expensive! Therefore, it’s a good idea to also try to test drive a number of the cars you want before buying.
When doing a test drive, you will get a feel while driving, especially how comfortable each component of the car is. There are some cars where the brakes may be too hard, or the seats are not comfortable.