3 Tips to Power Up Diesel Engine Maintenance

Today’s diesel engines have come a long way from early models renowned for good fuel mileage but notorious for low performance. Get the most out of your modern, high-performing diesel engine by giving it regular tune-ups and attention. Here are three tips to help you take your diesel engine maintenance to the next level.

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Start With the Best Fuel

You generally have two types of diesel fuels to choose from for your vehicle’s diesel engine.

  • Ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) burns much cleaner than older forms of diesel that had fumes linked with cancer and other illnesses. ULSD has been generally available in Europe and North America since 2006. This type of fuel, which has 97 percent less sulfer than low-sulfur diesel, is safe to run in older diesel engines as well as newer models.
  • Biodiesel is made from agricultural materials and is designed to burn clean. However, in the United States and Canada, manufacturers only allow vehicle owners to use B5 diesel, which is a blend of 95 percent standard diesel and 5 percent biodiesel.

The future is moving toward more environmentally responsible options, and developments in biodiesel are likely.

Quality Filters

Advanced filters can improve the performance of your diesel engine. AirDog replacement filters, for example, take out all water, particulates to two micron, and air trapped in your diesel fuel. This helps your injection system components last longer and gives you higher torque and horsepower. These filters also help to improve your fuel mileage.

Fuel Additives

Always use a quality diesel fuel additive. This will keep your injectors working to maximum capacity and will also help prevent fuel gelling, especially in colder weather or periods of non-use. Additive formulas remove water from the fuel by either emulsification or demulsification. Each has specific advantages, depending upon your situation.

Taking care of your modern diesel engine the right way brings multiple rewards. You can enjoy great performance now, but regular maintenance with quality parts and products also extends the life of your vehicle’s engine and its components for many miles down the road.