What to Do When Commercial Vehicle Body Repairs Don’t Go as Planned

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From auto accidents to vandalism, there are many reasons to visit a collision repair center. Though most shops offer quality workmanship, not all repairs go as planned. Depending on where you go, your truck may end up with dents, chips, cracks, and other damage that wasn’t there before. If you’ve ever had a poor experience at an auto body shop, here are some useful tips to remember.

Document the Problem

If your truck is returned and you think the repair job is substandard, begin by documenting the issues with the repair. Take videos and pictures of the damage or imperfections and consider getting statements from those who know the truck’s previous condition. With good documentation, you’re more likely to get the resolution you deserve.

State the Issue

Next, you’ll need to notify the collision repair center of the problem with your truck service hanover pa. Most collision shops stand behind their work, so they’ll likely be willing and able to resolve the situation to your satisfaction. If the person in charge isn’t getting you the results you deserve, ask to speak to a manager or shop owner. Go as far up the chain of command as you have to in order to get the work done to your satisfaction.

Request a Delivery Promise or a Refund

It’s important to stay calm as you discuss things with the collision repair shop. If they don’t guarantee the work, consider asking for a refund. If required, show proof of the new damage and get an estimate from a different shop that shows how much it will cost to fix the low-quality work. The shop might respond in several ways. They may agree to redo the job at no charge, they may do it at a discount, or they may refuse to do it at all.

Talk to an Attorney

We hope it doesn’t happen, but if it does, it’s important to be prepared. If the shop refuses to remedy the situation, consider seeking legal advice from an attorney. A lawyer will determine the legitimacy of your claim and help you get compensation for any losses related to the shop’s poor workmanship.

Do Your Homework Before Choosing a Repair Center

The points above demonstrate why it’s so important to research a collision repair center before hiring them to repair your commercial vehicle. A reliable shop will typically have several qualities: good consumer reviews, fair financing or pricing options, great customer service, trained and certified technicians, and guarantees on the work they do.

In Closing

If you pick up your truck and you’re less than impressed with the repair work that’s been done, follow the steps listed here. Document the issue, discuss the problem, ask for a redo or a refund, and, if all else fails, hire an attorney. Keep in mind that choosing a reputable, reliable shop in the beginning will help you avoid a great deal of aggravation. With research and the tips, we’ve given, it’s easier to get the remedy you deserve.