Proper Cold Weather Care for Your Vehicle

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Vehicles, like our own bodies, need protection and special care when it gets cold outside. For the cold weather veterans, this may seem like old hat. For the newbies though, you may want to check protection for your vehicle, especially if you are moving to colder climes. Taking precautions will save you from having to search for hail storm repair Lakewood CO. You may thank yourself later.


The inside of the car starts with you as the driver. Make sure to pack a cold-weather emergency kit. Should things get bad, you will have a great resource to keep you safe in this situation. If you can save yourself, then the car repair can come after.

These kits should contain things such as:

  • Food rations
  • Water
  • Shovel
  • Flashlight
  • Ice scraper

Besides the cart kit, check the lights on your dashboard to make sure your car does not need service. Also, clean the interior so you have less to worry about daily. After this, you can look at the car’s exterior.


The tires should be the first thing you check when it snows or otherwise. As the point of contact for the road, your tires should still have tread and be reasonably new. If they look questionable, consider purchasing a new set before the winter season sets in.

More things to check would be your car battery, the fluid levels, and weather-specific additions like your anti-freeze. All these can be done when you get your car serviced. Even if you do not have an oil change coming it, it is a good idea to check anyway.  Also, your headlights and brake lights are an important factor for driving in poor weather conditions. Make sure they are clean before heading out for the day.

After all these are done, you should be good to go on the road. Remember, vehicle safety starts with you.