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A car’s license plate number is essential in its identification. Do you have a stolen car? Or you got into an accident with a driver who absconded from the scene? In any situation you find yourself in, consulting a license plate lookup service online could solve all your problems.

However, many people might now know their way around using these services. This article will walk you through a step-by-step guide to determining license plate numbers. Stick with us to learn everything you need to know about license plate lookups.

What Information can Plate License Numbers Provide?

Many people are ignorant of the amount of information they can get by just knowing the plate number of a car. In this section, we’ll walk you through the various types of information you can get from a car’s plate number.

1. The Vehicle Information

You can get all available information about the car from the plate license number report, including its owner’s information, accident history, sales records, engine capacity, vehicle make, etc. 

2. Traffic Court Records

This information is vital if you’re trying to track down a hit-and-run driver. You can use the license plate number to find traffic law violations by a driver, traffic accident records, driver’s license suspension or cancellation, etc.

3. Rebuild and Repair Records

This is another vital record needed if you plan to buy a used car. With the plate number, you can find the car’s recall history, current condition, full maintenance history, and other reports on the car’s health.

4. Public Records

You can also use the license plate number report to find out about the car driver. You could find out if they have any DUI history, arrest records, warrants, etc.

So, now that you know what information you can get with the license number, when exactly can you use this information? The next section answers it all.

When Should You Look Up Plate Numbers?

It is not enough to know how to look up these plate numbers. You need to know the situations in which looking up plate numbers can solve your problem. We’ve highlighted some situations below in which plate numbers can help give the information needed:

1. When Buying a Used Car

When buying a used car, there are chances of foul play had gone on before you came along. However, by using a free license plate lookup tool, you can find out everything about the car, from its ownership history to even traffic court records on the vehicle. So, this way, you could know if the car has any cases of traffic flaunting or if it hasn’t been serviced in a long time.

2. When Searching for Cars Involved in Accidents

If you ever get into an accident with a hit-and-run driver, all you need is their license plate number, and you can track them down. By looking up the car’s ownership history, you can find the current car owner and report them to the appropriate authorities.

3. When Reporting Suspicious Cars

You may notice a suspicious-looking car parked in your neighborhood. Before calling the police, you could do a little background check to see if it belongs to the neighbors. This could help ease fears and even prevent any crime.

How do You Look Up License Plate Numbers?

Now that we’re sure about the information you can get and the situations in which they’re usable, let’s go through the process of checking these plate numbers.

  1. Using the EpicVIN page as an example, you simply log on to the website and navigate to the License Lookup page.
  2. Then, you’ll enter the license plate number and the state in which the plate number was issued.
  3. Hit the ‘Check Plate’ Button, and you have all the information you need.

Is the License Plate Number Report Trustworthy?

It is normal to doubt the information you get about a car. How do you know the information isn’t outdated? However, many of these USA license plate lookup websites ensure they get their data from reliable and quality sources. 

For example, EpicVIN sources information only from approved records. Also, you cannot get into any legal trouble from searching for any car as the process is fully legal. Examples of sources used for getting information about cars include:

  • The Vehicle Data Registry
  • United States Department of Transportation
  • National Motor Vehicle Title Information System of the United States Department of Justice.


Looking up the plate number of cars shouldn’t be a hassle if you know the proper steps to follow. This article has highlighted all the information you need to know about looking up a car license, such as the information provided. If you need any information regarding a car’s license plate number, you can always use the EpicVIN tool for fast and accurate results.