Causes of Car Remote Not Working


The car door remote is problematic and doesn’t work or can’t open the door with the remote, if that’s the problem, make sure first that the problem is with the remote, not the remote module or not the central lock system, by using a spare remote.

Talking about car remotes will be too broad, considering the various technologies used in the remote system, therefore I will limit this article to how to overcome or repair car remotes in general, which often have problems.

Causes of Car Remote Not Working

Remote battery runs out or wants to run out

I have a separate story because the remote ran out of battery, so the car was not installed for three days, because as soon as the battery was installed the siren immediately sounded and the hazard lights kept flashing.

The real problem is because the battery runs out and I bought a new battery but the remote still doesn’t work, but after I arrived, I noticed that the LED flashed when the remote button was pressed, it turned out that the LED still looked less bright, after borrowing the battery from another good car remote, the car remote it is functioning normally.

It can be learned that a new battery does not guarantee an electric charge or a stun in the battery is full or the battery is in good condition.

How to find out if the car remote is damaged because the battery runs out:

When the button is pressed on the remote, the LED on the remote is usually dim.
The Led light on the remote does not turn on when all buttons are pressed.
If you have bought a new battery, the LED looks less bright, so compare the remote LED to the other remote.

Remote Button Not Working or Broken

The remote button does not work, usually occurs on the buttons that are often used, namely the door open button (image of an open lock) and the door lock button (image of a closed padlock).

To make sure that the button is damaged, usually if you press another button that is rarely used, for example the car finder button or the siren button on the remote, the LED lights up.

The fix is ​​to replace the damaged button on the remote with a button that is rarely used, this will be more efficient than replacing a new remote module. There’s nothing wrong with changing the remote module either, the price of the remote module and the installation fee are not too expensive either.

The price of a universal car remote usually depends on the brand, some are Rp. 300 thousand to Rp. 400 thousand plus installation fees or some are priced at Rp. 600 thousand including installation costs, we just have to choose according to the budget, usually when buying a remote at a car variation shop, we will be offered with various prices and brands, for the cheapest universal remote price it is enough if you look at its functions which include remote door or central lock remote, siren sound when door is opened without remote and car remote features in general.

Reverse Install Remote Battray

If you replace the remote battray yourself, you must pay close attention to the Negative and Positive Battray poles, because the remote battery is small in size and between Positive and Negative are almost physically similar, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the + and – signs on the battray so that they are not misplaced.
The minus sign on the battery is placed on the part that has a spring or has a spring.