2023 Lexus GX 460 Luxury Review & Test Drive : Automotive Addicts


2023 lexus gx 460 luxury

On occasion, I find myself reviewing somewhat aged “new” vehicles like the Lexus GX 460, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering it remains to be one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. However, that reliability comes with the fact that the current generation GX has been around for over 12 years now. Lexus continues to keep the GX around because there’s a dedicated fan base for its antiquated platform that touts a rugged body-on-frame architecture and a proven V8 drivetrain.

Performance and Driving Character

Despite the idea of the Lexus GX 460 being long overdue for a complete redesign, it remains to be a simplistic approach to what today’s crossovers and SUVs have turned into. With that, the Lexus GX 460 continues to be powered by a rather older 4.6-liter V8 engine that outputs a consistent 301 horsepower and 329 lb-ft of torque through an old

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Initial D Diecast Collection Uncommon Toy Collectibles

Car ValueHere is how you can price a automotive and get its actual worth. Understanding what is occurring within the market, notably within your area, offers you important details about where your automobile matches throughout the market, how doubtless it is to promote, and due to this fact it is current market worth. If the financial market is such that normal automotive gross sales are down, or there are a variety of automobiles just like yours currently in the marketplace, then the value of your car might be lower. In case your automobile is in excessive demand, then your automobile can be worth more.

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The Real Dangers Of A Tire Blowout : Automotive Addicts


There is nothing more alarming than one of your vehicle’s tires blowing out when you are on the road. It is dangerous to you, the people in your vehicle, and everyone around you. A blown tire can easily cause an accident, which could be much worse if the blown tire is on a truck. 

What Causes a Tire Blow Out?

Most truck accident attorneys will tell you that there are seven common causes of tire blowouts.

1. Over-inflation and Under-inflation

Over-inflated tires are often uneven. When a tire is over-inflated, it may wear down faster than it would if it had the appropriate amount of air. When tires wear down, it can cause a blowout to happen.

Under-inflated tires can become overheated easily, which can cause a blowout. The tire pressure monitoring system in the vehicle should tell the driver if their tires are properly inflated.

2. Worn Out

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Safe Driving Tips for All-Terrain Vehicles : Automotive Addicts


If you own an all-terrain vehicle or are thinking of purchasing an ATV, it is imperative that you know how to operate the vehicle safely, to protect yourself and others.

So, check out the following safe driving tips.

Always Take Your Phone with You

You should always make sure you take your cell phone with you when operating an ATV so that you can call for help should you be involved in an accident.

That is particularly important if you are heading out to a rural area by yourself.

If you are involved in an accident, make sure you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you do not have any visible injuries, you could have something unnoticeable like internal bleeding or a traumatic head injury with no symptoms, so never skip getting checked out by a medical professional.

And if you are injured in an ATV

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Auto Sales Nonetheless Booming

September automobile sales blew previous expectations (13.04M annualized fee vs. 12.6M expected), while registering a large eleven.2{ce761d482549002b5adf7aa9016c2f9f16cea69c7d1df7ae365c4a52b17ff19d} improve in the past 12 months, and a 14.three{ce761d482549002b5adf7aa9016c2f9f16cea69c7d1df7ae365c4a52b17ff19d} increase since final June’s low. This, regardless of the Japanese tsumani earlier this year that brought on intensive provide-chain disruptions and resulted in a huge drop in sales from February by means of June. Suffice it to say that auto gross sales don’t conform at all to the present narrative concerning the financial system being on the ropes.

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How Do You Look up License Plate Numbers in the U.S.? : Automotive Addicts


A car’s license plate number is essential in its identification. Do you have a stolen car? Or you got into an accident with a driver who absconded from the scene? In any situation you find yourself in, consulting a license plate lookup service online could solve all your problems.

However, many people might now know their way around using these services. This article will walk you through a step-by-step guide to determining license plate numbers. Stick with us to learn everything you need to know about license plate lookups.

What Information can Plate License Numbers Provide?

Many people are ignorant of the amount of information they can get by just knowing the plate number of a car. In this section, we’ll walk you through the various types of information you can get from a car’s plate number.

1. The Vehicle Information

You can get all available information about the

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2023 Volvo XC90 Recharge T8 Ultimate Bright (PHEV) Review & Test Drive : Automotive Addicts

2023 volvo xc90 recharge t8 ultimate bright

As we approach a new future of automotive electrification, manufactures continue to have a bridge over an electric vehicle (EV) world in innovative plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). Volvo has been in the PHEV game for some time now, and the latest XC90 midsized three-row seating crossover continues with some minor updates from trim level revamping, additional power, and a slightly increased all-electric range.

Having experienced the 2021 Volvo XC90 Recharge just a couple of years ago it is refreshing to get another go at such a vehicle and see what the manufacturer has done to keep it fresh. With that, Volvo impresses me again with a decently performing vehicle for its versatility in being a plug-in hybrid along with the premium accommodations in a unique approach with the choice of its wool blend seat material found on my test vehicle.

Performance and Driving Character

Powering the 2023 Volvo XC90

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2023 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X Review & Test Drive : Automotive Addicts

2023 gmc sierra 1500 at4x

In the world of trucks, there’s quite a battle in the area of rugged pickups that attempt to balance a delicate act of offering luxurious interior appointments and off-road capabilities. In such a delicate act, automakers have gone the extra distance to pay special attention to unique trim levels within their lineup to give consumers what they want, and now it seems they can have it in trucks like the new GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X.

The GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X is a new trim that was introduced for the 2022 model year, which now gets the availability of an AT4X AEV Edition (American Expedition Vehicles) that further enhances the off-roading capabilities of such a truck with specialized equipment. Having the 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X this week, while it doesn’t have the AEV Edition equipment, is a welcoming experience in witnessing what GM has to offer for their off-roading 4×4

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2023 Kia EV6 GT: High-Velocity Electric Performance : Automotive Addicts

2023 kia ev6 gt

Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins, www.AutomotiveRhythms.com

There is an exhilarating cohort of electric performance vehicles occupying today’s roads, whether the Audi e-Tron GT and Porsche Taycan GTS or Lucid Air and Mercedes-AMG EQS. Although each offers conscious EV owners unique and outstanding technological experiences behind the wheel, this group also falls in the upper echelon of ownership costs. Well, Kia — with 30 years of experience in the United States — has just given us a potent alternative for far less than $100,000 that sets asphalt ablaze with the fierceness and force of quiet storms. Welcome to the evolutionary world of the all-electric, high-velocity 2023 Kia EV6 GT.

EV6 GT Overview and Positioning

The authenticity of the limited production 2023 Kia EV6 GT’s superlative DNA stems from the birthright of the original EV6 all-electric, 5-passenger sport crossover which lit up the “zero emissions” market with silent gallops. This is Kia’s

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All You Need To Know About Buying a Car in 2023 : Automotive Addicts


A vehicle purchase is a big financial decision. It is one of the major expenses households have to shoulder. Given just how much money is spent on buying a vehicle, it’s important to get it right.

You certainly do not want to buy a vehicle that turns out unsuitable for your needs. Similarly, you want to finance your vehicle purchase in the most optimal way. This article discusses the most important factors to consider when buying a car.

Ask why you want/need a car

People purchase vehicles for various reasons, ranging from luxury to commercial purposes. Obviously, no one vehicle is suitable for all needs. It is, therefore, essential to ask why you require a car.

The answer to this question will determine, to a large extent, the appropriate vehicle for you. For instance, a pick-up truck might be ideal for you if you do a lot of heavy

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