How To Restore a Classic Truck

First Drive: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado High Country

Whether you’ve inherited an old truck from a family member or bought one with the desire to rebuild it, this process takes time and dedication. It can be highly rewarding when you have a rusty, tired-looking truck and you transform it into a beautifully designed vehicle that can once again be driven down the road. Here are some things that need to happen during a thorough restoration process.


You’re going to need to know how much the truck will be worth when you’re finished. Even if you’re not selling it, it’s an important line item for insurance purposes. It’s also helpful to know how much you can sell it for. This will help you determine whether to purchase OEM or aftermarket parts when you’re looking at used pickup truck bodies for sale, whether to modernize the interior or restore it to the original components and what paint color to use. Make sure you have a budget and stick to it as you go through the process. Include a line for unexpected expenses to keep you on track.

Take It Apart

When it’s time to start working, you’re going to take everything off the frame of the truck. Take pictures, put things in bags and label everything. Keep the original nuts and bolts with the parts also. With the frame clear of parts, it’s important to sand it and clean it thoroughly.

Buy New Items

There comes a time after you’ve evaluated what you have left when you have to buy new parts. Some parts are easy to come by, while other parts can be a challenge to find. You’re going to need to find new brakes, a wiring harness, seating, mirrors, lights and door handles to start. As the process continues, make a list of parts you need to find and purchase.

Restoring a truck can be a highly frustrating and rewarding process. Keep the end goal in mind when you’re stuck in the grind of it so you can remember what you’re working towards.