Load Boards and Networking Help Keep Truckers Trucking

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One of the biggest challenges facing independent truck drivers is keeping their trucks employed. This means they must find loads to haul. The two most common methods of finding loads are load boards and networking.

Load Boards

As an independent trucker, you have access to hundreds of load boards that post thousands of loads daily on the internet. These boards are used by logistics companies, freight brokers, trucking companies, and just about anybody who needs to find freight and trucks. Truckers can post their availability and at the same time search for loads that need to be moved.

Most load boards charge a subscription fee. When researching load boards, you should explore those that specialize in the carrier lanes or routes you’re looking to serve. Also look for boards that offer good rates and are reliable. Sign up for those boards that meet your needs and be sure to … Read more

Changing Your Oil By Yourself

It is time to change the oil in your car. Instead of taking it to the garage to have it done, you can do it yourself. Here are a few steps to show you how.

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Gather Your Supplies

Before you get started with your car, you will need to go to the auto parts apopka store to get the items you need. You will want to purchase the oil that is ideal for the make and model of your car, an oil filter, and a pan to drain it into.

Drain the Oil

Fire up your engine for a minute or two to stir the sedentary grime that has accumulated. When it is cool enough work, slip the drain pan under the drain plug. Twist off the cap and let the old oil empty into the pan. While it does so, take the old filter out. If there is any … Read more

Proper Cold Weather Care for Your Vehicle

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Vehicles, like our own bodies, need protection and special care when it gets cold outside. For the cold weather veterans, this may seem like old hat. For the newbies though, you may want to check protection for your vehicle, especially if you are moving to colder climes. Taking precautions will save you from having to search for hail storm repair Lakewood CO. You may thank yourself later.


The inside of the car starts with you as the driver. Make sure to pack a cold-weather emergency kit. Should things get bad, you will have a great resource to keep you safe in this situation. If you can save yourself, then the car repair can come after.

These kits should contain things such as:

  • Food rations
  • Water
  • Shovel
  • Flashlight
  • Ice scraper

Besides the cart kit, check the lights on your dashboard to make sure your car does not need … Read more

3 Questions to Ask Your Car Sales Representative

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Seeking another vehicle? Whether it is for an addition to the family car collection, or your first car, there are a few questions that can make for an easier buying process. However, if your vehicle just needs repairs, it may be good to investigate something cheaper than a new car altogether. Try searching for local shops like auto body shop Fort Worth TX for a different option. If you really need a new vehicle, here are some great questions to start the conversation with your salesman.

1. Where Is the Auto From?

It should be a good practice to ask the location and background of the car or truck. This only matters if you are looking into purchasing a used vehicle. For up-keep reasons, your car’s history can let you know if it has been in any accidents or if service has been performed on it. This is an especially … Read more

Preparing for Winter in Northern Climates

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As the season transitions into the colder months, it’s a good idea to start preparing for the inevitable amount of precipitation. Here are a few tips to ensure a smooth and hassle-free winter. 

Snow Removal

The number one task for those living in heavy snowfall areas is the removal of banks and drifts. Shoveling can be monotonous and potentially rough on the body. Having a snow plowinstalled on a vehicle is an excellent way to remove snow efficiently and effectively. There are several configurations to choose from when shopping around. Stationary straight-blade systems are serviceable for light-duty jobs, while multi-positional blades provide versatile angles to work through the toughest situations. Most plow blades are easily detachable and can be re-installed by simply pulling up to the apparatus until it links.

Property Protection

Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on structures and landscaping. Start fortifying a home by performing a sweep … Read more